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I am currently using the iPhone LiveJournal app. It's got a lot of posting options, and allows you to check your mail. Can't check friends journals. Too bad.

Just tested to see if it would upload a photo. It didn't. Fail.

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What are my hobbies?

I took this photo last weekend while scouting down Main St. It was a rare opportunity for me. My fiancee wasn't going to be home till 1am which gave me the time to for a hobby I rarely involve myself in anymore. Too little time in the day.

So what are my hobbies?
  • Video games. I own 1 Gameboy Micro, 1 GameCube, 1 Xbox 360, 1 PlayStation (the first one), 1 Gameboy Color, and 2 Nintendo DSes, and 2 iPhones. I never actually play video games, but I am a collector. Truth be told, my fiancee is more into gaming -- although she denies it.
  • Movies. Especially Hong Kong cinema. They have the greatest crime dramas and action flicks. My two favourite films are Mad Detective and Hard Boiled.
  • Photography. I prefer still landscapes to people. Few people I know understand how to look at the camera.
  • Music. I like Jandek, the Raveonettes, Joy Division, and Johnny Cash. I hope that doesn't stereotype me.
  • Animals. I'm not allowed to own a dog and a cat so I make do with a Siamese Fighting Fish. His name is Tequila and he's incredibly easy to take care of. Sometimes he likes to attack my finger.
Other than that, I live a pretty busy life. I'm getting married soon and what money doesn't go to the wedding goes to finding Ikea furniture to make my home somewhat livable. My job is my passion, and I going to the office is my favourite part of my day.

Now that you know that bit about me, what are your hobbies?

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