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This was inevitable
After registering myself on networking site after networking site, the inevitable happened: I registered a domain name. I'm installing a WordPress blog, a message board, a wiki, picture hosting, and Google apps.
Why am I doing this? Because it has all become unmanageable. Literally, I am active everywhere -- and there is nothing holding my activities together. What I should be doing -- and what I should have done all along -- is create a central hub so that people who follow me can make sense of it all.

So what am I going to be doing? A number of things. I think I'll migrate my professional blog from over to my personal site. The homepage will reflect what I'm doing on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Also, I will have a message board up and running.

I get the feeling that LiveJournal is dying -- and I'm not the only one who thinks so. jwz is has been feeling it too. But still LiveJournal (along with Xanga) is one of the few platforms that generates a high volume of blog comments despite a (relatively) low level of traffic. The Facebook note app is pathetic and does not support either simple formating or HTML. Nobody wants it to be old school MySpace, but come on!

Finally, I don't care what people say, a personal domain will always be more trustworthy than a subdomain -- not matter the service. People just take you more seriously.

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everyone talks about LJ dying.
i think it's what you/we make it. i still have love for it.

but i'm happy that you're excited about doing something new.
good for you.

It's all about stages.

Very few social networking sites stay around. If they do, they become more and more niche. Take a look at MySpace. They once had 160 million active users. Now it is 60 million.

I remember when LiveJournal had 8 million active users. Less than 2 million update now -- and those that do have probably had their account for years. As a platform, the technology isn't evolving. SUP isn't innovating. LiveJournal now has less mass appeal than it used to.

Remember Yahoo! Groups? It too is in a malaise. And Usenet is nowadays only being used for porn and files.

i know...but i still value it and have met some wonderful people who haven't defected.

i have no lifetime agreement with it.
in time, who knows.
everything changes.

idc if i get comments or even get people to read my lj. All I care is somewhere on the internet I can rant about shit, have privacy options (friends, filtered friends, etc), and have it not get back to me. I always end up losing paper journals, but Ive had my lj for 8 years and it aint going anywhere.

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