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Why I Have a LiveJournal
So I got a LiveJournal. Either this is a sign of my own narcissism or a furtherance of self-expression. God knows I've got enough blogs as it is. Why the hell am I doing this?

The reasons are numerous. First, all my other blogs are focused on things and not on me. It's either about pictures, or poetry, or social media. Nothing is about my own personality. Well, perhaps my Twitter account is, but how much can I really express in 140 characters?
Yes, there is Facebook, but Facebook strikes me as a platform to manage your real life presence rather than a place to express it. Besides, there's no place on Facebook for long, meandering thoughts on the current state of my life.  Thoughts get lost in the shuffle of apps.

Which brings me back to LiveJournal. LiveJournal is the poster child for angsty, emo, bizarrely emotional, and perverse personal blogging. It is something the cool kids did before MySpace. On top of it, the platform hasn't really innovated for the past 8 years. LiveJournal isn't much of an advancement over Usenet -- the advancement being heavy-handed moderation.

So here's to LiveJournal: a relic of social media times of yore. It's a community once popularized by teenagers, but now claimed by pro-anas, furries, and fanfic writers. Yet, to me it is an experiment in (belated) personal blogging
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here's to livejournal.
my ex was a big LJ person back in 2000 and 01 and gave me an invite code.
i didn't start to use my journal for months and months and really only became heavily invested in it when we split up and i no longer had to share a computer.

i have met wonderful people, beautiful people. and written and written and poetry and rage and angst, even privately, and i have a deep fondness for livejournal, even now.

Why I Have a LiveJournal

I work in social media, and my colleagues think I'm crazy. LiveJournal is so old... And weird. But I think I can learn a lot from this experent.

Re: Why I Have a LiveJournal

i hope it's good/positive for you.

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