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The Social Network
I saw the Social Network tonight. A good portion of the movie was a trip down memory lane. There were cameo appearances by LiveJournal, Linux, KDE (featuring Keramik window decorations), and Perl scripts. It's rare to see a movie in which they get the technical details right -- it enhances my own personal enjoyment of the movie.

Found out some other tasty morsels about Facebook. When they were at 200,000 users, they received venture capital funding of only $500,000. Wow. That is actually not a whole lot of money.

Looking at HootSuite, we're almost 2 years old -- and what an eventful two years it has been. Our current Alexa traffic rank is 447. at this time next year, it wouldn't suprise me if we're one of the top 100 visited sites in the world.

What makes us different from other social networking sites is that we're not, in fact, a social networking site. Rather, we're a site that connects to other social networks through their APIs. Hence, when you load up HootSuite's social dashboard, you can not only aggregate every social network, you can reply, comment, and update every one of them.

Now, here's where things get interesting. The game has changed completely since 2004. Back then, all you needed was a website. Today, you need a website and mobile clients. If you can't make an iPhone app, you should at least build a mobile-optimized version of your website that can transform into a mobile app. Think an SSB like Prism or Fluid but for your iPhone.

Others call me crazy, but the facts are in plain view. The traditional desktop as we know it is dying. Most of us saw the OX X 10.7 (Lion) preview. The Mac is turning into the iPad. And in the near future, many of us won't even own a laptop. Smartphones and tablets will be used by more people than desktops and laptops.

What's the killer app? Social networks, but more particularly, social media dashboards serving up social networks. One app that is the central hub for YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, et al. One app to rule them all.All immediately accessed with your phone or tablet.

The current valuation of Facebook is $25 billion. For the record, I don't think this valuation is based on hype. But Facebook is based on a different paradigm than what the reality is now. The new reality means that the emphasis is now mobility and portability. With this new reality comes great opportunity, and I'm just glad I'm getting in on the ground floor.

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