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A new evolution

I'm exhausted, terribly exhausted, but it's all worth it. One "tentacle" of my website is live with many more to follow.

Basically, I got a message board up and running. The topics are: futurism, tech, art, literature, and WTF. That's pretty diverse, i think. Here's the URL:

This is all part of a dream I have. I've always wanted to create a place for amazing content, and people who love amazing content. Never had the time nor the money to do it till now.

Eventually, there will be a content portal, wiki, blog, image host. I can't wait.

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Thanks for the add!
I've just moved to Vancouver actually, and I'm passively trying to take on more local LJers. ;)

Hi there... added you back. Be advised that I indulge in my f-locked posts in the very angsty emo malaise that you described in an earlier post. Haha... I like the vague anonymity. :P
Otherwise, I'm pretty realistically optimistic. Nice to meet you.

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