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Today's Activities
A couple of things of interest happened today. Very good things happened, in fact.

I attended BarCamp. Probably the most productive, interesting, and educational conference I went to this year. Basically, it was the big get together for hackers, coders, designers, marketers, and enthusiasts. There was no pre-ordained schedule, if you had a topic you wanted to discuss, you could discuss it.
This may sound crazy, but after years of being around people who didn't "get it", I finally got to mingle with the crazy ones, the infidels, the mad geniuses. These aren't just people who use the Internet, they create it. I found out that one of the trustees of Gentoo lives here in Vancouver. I also found out about the Vancouver Hacker Space, and I'll definitely check that out.

The highlight was when a spokeman from TOR spoke about the wonderful humanitarian services it provides, and how it is furthering democracy in Iran. It is great to discover that privacy is alive and well on the Internet -- and so is human dignity. What a welcome contrast to We Live in Public.

Watched The Invention of Lies.
It's not by any means an Oscar winner, nor would I rate it as one of the "great" comedies, but it was interesting for its philosophy. Also hearing people utter what would otherwise be their most private thoughts was absolutely hilarious. The concept was great, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

It also made me think of religion, and how man people think the world would be better without it. However, as this film implied, maybe it's better to think about heaven than the other alternative: empty nothingness.

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"It also made me think of religion, and how man people think the world would be better without it. However, as this film implied, maybe it's better to think about heaven than the other alternative: empty nothingness."

i would argue that it's neither here nor can only know what exists in this very moment anyway...things either are or aren't...and things that may come to pass have an equally likely chance of not coming to pass...and even if a concept such as heaven exists who's to say that whatever we define of "ourselves" as being will be the same entity after the moment you perish...only time will tell, then again maybe it has nothing to tell...

Well, whatever happens when we die, we don't have to be accurate about it. The point is, it's far better to have a little imagination about what happens in the afterlife than to have no imagination at all.

i've never been a big fan of pascal's wager myself...but i'm not adverse to imagination about what may come after we perish...i think i'm more concerned for those who live their lives based upon what never may be...and impose those beliefs on those of us who just want to enjoy what we know to be, that is this moment...i personally think religion has caused far more problems than it has solved...but i'm fine with people believing if that's what makes them long as they don't try to make me live under those same parameters...

That's really cool, actually! So what do you do that lets you go around and understand all this computer nonsense?

...By nonsense I mean that I think the internet is AWESOME in most respects, and I wish I were able to teach myself more than basic CSS and HTML so that I could contribute to that awesome. Programming is pretty awesome, too, but it is entirely beyond my reach.

I'm a social strategist for Invoke, the company behind HootSuite. I'm not a coder, but I try to be an expert on how to use all the amazing technology being developed. I blog, beta test, do market research, customer service, and optimize content for search engines and social media. The closest I come to hacking is social engineering. Funny enough, my newfound presence on LiveJournal has partially to do with this.

we should have some interesting are nearly my antithesis...ha ha...

well you're in marketing and advertising and i'm not a big fan of those industries...i'm pretty anti-corporate and definitely left leaning...though i'm not anti-business, i'd just prefer we had a system where business was more responsible for there actions...i don't believe corporations should hold the rights of a citizen...and i was reading an interesting article the other day which showed that the u.s. supreme court never actually made a decision which gave corporations the same status as individuals...rather it was written as a note by the court recorder who happened to own a small railroad...but with that assumption many other decisions have reinforced that idea...i don't know where you stand socially so i can't comment to that...but i'll be sure to offer up some interesting points to your posts...

yikes i just used the wrong "their" and i hate that...ha ha...

Ha! We're not so different.

I hate copyright as it currently stands, and I think we definitely need reform. I encourage everyone to use Creative Commons as I see it as a more human approach.

Also, I stand where you stand on big business.

I don't think so much what I do is marketing so much as it's sharing. I'm about letting people see incredible, amazing human experiences. A marketer creates a brand; I show companies how to be more human. Nobody wants to talk to a big, faceless corporation. Not even corporations want to talk to faceless corporations.

The "corporation" and its message are a result of mass media, and PR departments telling customers what to think. I'm not about that. We're in a new age where businesses need to stop acting like monolithic entities and have human conversations with real human beings.

On the other hand, what I find worrisome is the trend amongst people to treat themselves as brands. What do you think of that?

i'm with you on the copyright stance...i'm more for the common good...and funny enough when i was walking around today i was thinking what ever happened to ideas being for the good of man, instead of for the personal gain of a select's really too bad...because there is so much imagination and innovation we could be harnessing if people weren't focused on just getting by day to day...

i'm well read on walter lippmann and such...and the engineering of our schools and such to make us good's a good article on such engineering...

well i'm glad someone is out there softening the only hopes that it leads to social consciousness as a part of their raison d'etre, instead of the all might profit and looking no more forward than the next quarter...

i agree that the extreme rise of celebrity and their branding of themselves is washing over to the more common man...i'm not for that at all personally...but i suppose like many failed societies we have to go too far towards individualism before we can correct ourselves back the the greater's unfortunate we haven't learned to balance the two as we have evolved...maybe that's for a future generation...

someone made an interesting point that no democracy has ever survived where the equality gap was as large as it is currently in america...personally i think that they are an empire either on the decline or on the plateau dangerously, but inevitably, close to the precipice...

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